Friday, July 04, 2008


Photo courtesy of MSN Movies.

We watched Wanted today and it was a fast-paced, action-packed, very entertaining film, starring my fave movie star Angelina Jolie. I'd say my favorite scene was the MRT scene or the LRT scene or whatever they call it, hehe.. the one where they would jump on the train and bend backwards so they wont hit the bridge. Angelina lies gracefully on her back, and may I say her make-up in the movie is perfect, her hair is always perfect. Hmp. Hehehe. Oh, and I liked the twist at the end.

I was kinda depressed after the movie hahaha coz I can totally relate to the lead guy Wesley (James McAvoy). Keith would tell me, "Nag-m-midlife crisis ka na ba? Ang aga pa ah.. 4 months early pa" Bwahaha coz im turning 30 on November. Salbahe. :P

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