Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gone for the weekend

We had little preparation for this trip. It was an impromptu kind of thing. We just brought our towels, a change of clothes and sunblock and we were off to Munting Buhangin Beach Camp in Nasugbu, Batangas. It's the most accessible beach that accepts walk-in guests. After eating breakfast at Mcdo in Tagaytay, we bought pork liempo and charcoal at Maharlika Market, then bought film (yes, for the camera), soda, ice, paper plates, plastic utensils and cups from the nearest 7-11 store. We reached Munting Buhangin at 10am and we were immediately greeted by the sound of karaoke, hehe. Usually, this place is jam-packed, but today, we were just about five families in the entire resort. And we were very lucky because the weather was perfect and the beach was peaceful. :D

But the best part of it all, Carlos agreed to swim for the very first time.

Vito, however, was satisfied playing on the sand.

We grilled the liempo and ordered rice and sinigang from the in-house restaurant. After lunch, we went back to swim. The water was perfect and we stayed on the parts that had no rocks. At 3pm, we started wrapping up for home. Everybody enjoyed despite the long trip. There's definitely going to be a next time :)

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