Friday, July 25, 2008

MC Reunited at Pioneer East

Three days before Ana's departure for the US, the group met again. But this time it was in Marvin's pad at Pioneer East Tower. I brought rice and chopseuy for the potluck dinner. I brought Keith, too. It wasn't hard to convince him to join me in the all-girl night out, after all his office is just across the condo. :P

The other girls brought pansit, bbque, cake, KFC and pastries. As usual, it was a fun night with the occasional teasing and shreaking, hehe.

Here I am with my best buddies:

Marvin (in green) is our host for the night. He loves to make funny comments, while Ana (in fuchsia) just listens in. Except for Marvin & Ana, all of us are married. Our topics that night ranged from married life to kids. One would mistake it for a PTA meeting, haha.

Bon voyage, Ana! Hope to see you in the near future. We are sure gonna miss yah! :)

More pictures here.

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