Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nightcap at SideBar Cafe

After watching The Dark Knight, we went to meet our friends at SideBar Cafe in El Pueblo - Keith and I's fave chillout spot. I was still high about Batman and kept on telling everyone how good it was, hehe. I had to control myself from giving out spoilers coz they haven't seen it yet. :P

We stayed until 12 midnight and the boys challenged themselves with four shooters that tasted like (1) tuseran (2) tuseran with ginseng and extract of chicken (3) rhea alcohol and (4) lactacyd, hahaha! I didnt take part in that challenge as I was very satisfied with my frozen daiquiris. :) As for the pulutan, we had Sausage and Onions, Sweet Chili Half Moons, Cheese Stilletos and Sidebar Nachos. It was a fun night. :D

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