Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vito and Carlos at 11 months

The twins luuuv to eat taho and pandesal. They love to climb, crawl, reach things and open cabinet doors.

Vito's tricks include doing the rolling R, sticking out his tongue, doing the mcdo sign with his hands over his head, doing close-open and waving his hand to say ba-bye. He would slowly sit on the floor, if you stand him against the wall. He has mastered the art of crying a certain way (paawa effect) so you will be obliged to carry him.

Carlos' tricks include standing up against the wall, doing the kiss sound and doing close-open to say ba-bye. He loves avocado, peaches and Nestle yogurt fruit selection. During sleep time, dont pretend to be asleep because he will slap you in the face, put his finger inside your nose and poke you in the eyes to "wake" you up.

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