Monday, May 26, 2008

My trip to Divisoria Mall

I finally set foot on the very infamous Divisoria Mall. Been wanting to go here for the longest time, but no one would accompany me Bwahaha! It's not that bad, really. Or maybe it was a Monday, at 10am, and it was makulimlim. Hehehe.

I was with my MIL and together we searched for party items. The theme for the twins' birthday is "Superman & Batman". All the party supplies are in the Basement (katabi ng wet market), like the party hats, nametags, balloons, invitations, etc. They also have themed party supplies na Justice League, Disney Princess, Sponge Bob, etc. Most of the toys sa 2nd and 3rd floors are great for give-aways but limited lang ang theme and most of what they have are Disney Cars, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse.

Happy ako sa purchases super sulit na rin esp for our budget party. I was able to buy the ff:

Lootbag for the boys:
small justice league backpack - P20
rubik's cube - P7
chess - P8
snakes & ladders - P8
lighting Pokemon yoyo - P7
batman toy - P75 for 1/4 kilo (44 pcs) - This I bought on impulse. Bwahaha!

Lootbag for the girls:
small disney princess backpack - P20
jackstone - P36 for 10 pcs
silver kikay bracelet - P25 for 12 pcs

For the game prizes:
disney princess wallet - P8
jump rope - P8
water game - P7.50

For our decors, I was able to buy 100 pcs non-glossy size 5 balloons of assorted colors (P95), sticks (P35) and a hand pump (P35). A total of P160.

For the twins' costume, I was able to buy size 1 superman and batman suits for P450 (price of both).

That's P1,500 for everything. We bought them all in Divisoria Mall. It's the green building (w/ the wet market sa basement) along Tabora Street. It's our first-time here, but okay naman ang experience. Not to confuse, the New Divisoria Shopping Center is the peach building across it, with an Anding's store beside the entrance.

I also asked for tarpauline printing, pero mahal dito, P40/sq.ft. Tarp Kingdom offers P25/sq.ft (Tel No. 2477197). Mental note to self - bring a map next time! Shopping will be faster.

I wasn't able to buy cupcake stand materials cause I couldn't find the right styro size. Maybe I should try cake supply shops. Long way to go pa sa birthday preps, I only have 5 weeks to go, mejo panic mode na rin. Waaahhh.

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