Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hunny!

I promised him this year we'll celebrate because last year we were in the hospital. I was confined on his birthday due to contractions. Gusto na lumabas ng twins - but hindi pa pwede coz I was only 29 weeks!

So last night I sneaked out and went to bring ice cream to his office, not just a scoop of ice cream but two 3.4 liters of Selecta ice cream (coffee crunch and mango, his fave). His team made a surprise handaan for him, too - pancit and KFC. This morning we went to Podium to have our first formal family picture.

Then, we had lunch at Lasa Manila. We had the entire resto to ourselves coz we were the only customers. Hehe. Tonight we cooked carbonara and roasted chicken. Of course a birthday is not complete without a cake so I handed him this choco cake with yema filling from Shoppers, yum! :)

Happy Birthday Hunny! :) May your birthday wish come true! :) My wish for you is to have perfect health - so quit smoking na, hehehe I love you very much. Thanks for being the best husband and dad to the bugoys. Mwah! :)

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