Monday, May 12, 2008

6 weeks 6 days

I have exactly 6 weeks and 6 days to prepare for my twins' 1st birthday party. Waaaaaahh! Until now, I can't decide on which theme to use. I want cutie themes like Tigger & Pooh, Mickey & Donald, Mario & Luigi, etc. However, Keith wants a more masculine theme. So, we decided on Superman & Batman theme. But choosing lootbag contents would limit the items to boys stuff, so I am thinking of changing the theme to Justice League. Kaya lang, Justice League is so gasgas na, and I really want a cutie theme hahaha! After all this is a 1st birthday! :P I also thought of using characters the twins can recognize like Little Einsteins, Pocoyo or Higglytown Heroes but buying the imported products would be expensive, and sadly there are no imitation in Divisoria, Haha! Other themes in mind are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Disney Cars. I am ok na with Justice League, kaya lang the twins do not know them. Hayyy what to do.. what to do?

Maybe its better if we do not have a theme.. ?!

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