Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clubhouse rates

Bel-Air clubhouse - 8971856
Gemini Room - (100 pax) P5,000 for first 4 hours; in excess is P650/hour
Phoenix Room - (160 pax) P6,000 for first 4 hours; in excess is P750/hour
*Resident rate is half the price.

Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse - 6310234
Rate: P10,000
Capacity: 180 pax

Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse - 6310496
Hall A - P4,500
Hall B - P5,000

Valle Verde 6 Clubhouse - 6313970 (you will need a sponsor)
non-resident rate = P12,000 and bond of P3000 (4hours)
resident rate = P9,500 and bond of P3000

Lexington (near C5 Pasig) - 6404032
AM party is P4,000 for first 3 hours; P5,000 if PM party.
in excess is P800 per hour
Add P1,000 bond if non-resident.

Palladium (Shaw, Mandaluyong) - 5333048
P7,000 for first 4 hours. Poolside has 250 capacity

Corinthians Clubhouse - 6330914 (you will need a sponsor)
180 pax = P11K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)
150 pax = P10K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)
100 pax = P9K + 5K bond (refundable after 1 week)

Greenwoods Executive Village - 6815486 - Ms Teresa
P6,700 first 4 hrs (main hall, no tables chairs)
P120/head use of swimming pool
*This is non-resident rate

Alta Vista Antipolo - 6815152
P6,000 - 4 hours use of main hall + 2 hours set-up
P6,000 - for swimming pool
P1,000 - charge for outside caterer
Accredited caterer - Avengoza catering
*This is non-resident rate

Vista Verde Executive Village - 6823398 - Ms Jenny
P5,000 good 4 hours, 70 pax (main hall, no tables chairs)
P6,720 - (multi purpose)
P112/head use of swimming pool
*This is non-resident rate


Ramil and Macy said...

Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for club house rates. Anyway, where is the Bel-air clubhouse? I'm looking for venues for my son's 1st birthday. :)


pam romero said...

Just an update on the contact number of Bel Air Clubhouse... Its 8954011;. Just an FYI for those interested... :)


jaaaaanessa said...

Hey, do we need sponsors for the Gemini room in Bel-Air? :)

Kaerol Mejia said...

hi are the rates still updated? am planning for my daughter's first birthday for january 2014. do we need to have sponsor for bel air makati clubhouse? thanks

Kit Montenegro said...

Do you know the capacity of Valle 6? Thanks!