Monday, September 28, 2009

Lancaster Hotel, Shaw

Lancaster Hotel is nice.

I didn't know the De Luxe Suite we checked into was loft-type. I was a little hesitant because we had three toddlers with us and the last thing we needed was a child falling from the stairs. But all other hotels are fully booked, so mag reklamo pa ba? The swimming pool was at the top of the building, and it was an open area, so that's definitely a no-no for the kids. I had strict orders for the yayas to be 200% careful.

Here we are, reading bedtime stories. This we cannot do at home because of brownout.

The staff were accommodating, but service was slow. I had to call them five times to send the additional pillows. There was only one TV and it was in the living room. No TVs in the bedroom. Over-all, the hotel was okay. We needed electricity, water and shelter, and we got it from Lancaster.

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