Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pasto at El Pueblo Real de Manila

Keith and I met up with his friends for some drinks in El Pueblo. We were supposed to go to our favorite hangout Sidebar, but when we had dinner at Pasto we decided to just stay there -where it is more quiet, and since there were only a few patrons because of closign time, we had the place all to ourselves, literally, hehe. The restaurant closes at 11pm, but we stayed until 2am. Before they closed, we ordered panini, pizza, a bottle of red wine, some zombie cocktails and five buckets of beer. We were just 6 - mike and botch, lester and marc. At around 12mn, botch and I went to mcdonalds to buy some french fries and ice cream for me, hehe. It sure was a fun and relaxing night. I love to chill :)

Notice anything different? I decided to dye my hair brown this morning. I love it. :)

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