Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cough and Tigdas-hangin

The boys are still sick with terrible cough (nahawa na pati ako) and this morning Carlos showed little rashes on his face and neck. We got alarmed when the rashes started to spread on his back. We had a scheduled check-up today so it's a good thing that their doctor could see him.

As the doctors explained, the medical term for Carlos' rashes is roseola infantum or rose rash of infants. It is also called Roseolovirus or baby measles. It comes out after 2-3 days of fever. As per their pedia, when the rashes come out, then "pagaling na ang bata".

Since it is a virus, it can be contagious and the doctors told us that Vito may be infected eventually. No cause for alarm as this is not the real measles, which can be easily identified by three Cs - cough, cold (runny nose) and conjunctivitis (red eye).

For their cough, they were prescribed the ff:

For Vito:
Ventolin Nebulization - every 8 hrs for 4 days (5am-1pm-9pm)
Prolix 2.5ml - twice a day

For Carlos:
Ventolin Nebulization - every 8 hrs for 4 days (6am-2pm-10pm)
Prolix 3ml - twice a day

I asked about oregano extract as a cure for cough. Other parents claim it is the best medicine for cough, plus it is a natural medicine. Well, Dr. R Santos wasn't really sold on the idea, but mentioned that the only approved herbal medicine for cough by BFAD is lagundi.

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