Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twins first children's party

We were invited to attend a 1st birthday party for the son of Keith's officemate. It was held at Windmills & Rainforest in Timog, and the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean.

The party was hosted by Butch Gonzales, who did balloon twisting, games and a ventri act. Pirates of the Caribbean items were everywhere - entrance and stage standees, backdrop, balloons, storybook, table napkins, etc.

With all the beautiful and colorful props, what the twins loved the most were the kiddie chairs! I know. Haha!

There were two tatoo artists at the party and many kids lined up to get their tatoos. When it was our turn na, Vito was irritable and so - ako na lang, hehe. I tried the glimmer tatoo and had a purple flower done on my left cheek, it was crazy!

More pictures here.

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