Monday, September 15, 2008

Righteous Kill

Have you seen "Righteous Kill"? my mom asked yesterday. 'Ha! Showing na ba?!" It's the De Niro-Pacino film I've been waiting to see. Keith is a big mafia fan and he loves Al Pacino. So I thought if I'd invite him to see this movie, he'd be happy. :)

My parents love to watch movies and I think they've seen every single movie to date. But ask my dad for the reviews coz my mom is a little weird when it comes to giving reviews hahaha! Imagine, she hated Underworld?!

So I was a little nervous when she said she enjoyed "Righteous Kill", hehehe. Nevertheless, I asked Keith to watch it with me today.

photo taken from MSN Movies.

Either the movie was poorly advertised or the people had no money - we were only 10 people inside Galleria Cinema 1 - on a pay day and after office hours. Come on!!

Well, let me say (without giving out spoilers) that the film was OK. I mean, it didnt raise a lot of emotions. I was just practically listening the entire time. Oh, another thing, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino looks sooo old in this film, I can barely recognize them in some scenes. So again, the film was OK, and that's it. Hehe. :)

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