Friday, February 01, 2008


I went to their Galleria branch to inquire about their birthday cakes. I was surprised to see their catalogue is a touch-screen computer hehe

When ordering, you first need to select a theme. Then select your cake flavor. Then add both prices to get the price of the cake. They are strict in terms of the design. As in - what you see is what you get. You cannot move or remove a figurine.

12x16 Man of Steel P335 + (mocha flavor cake) P580 = P915
12x16 Batman Colorflow P280 + (mocha flavor cake) P580 = P860
Total for two cakes = P1,775

They also sell toppers - pooh, disney princess, mickey & minnie mouse. I asked about their plain cakes and thought of just adding a topper. Here are the rates:

Simple choco cake 8 x 12 = P385
Simple choco cake 12x 12 = P495
Pooh topper = P255

If you want cupcakes, you can order by box. You just have to notify them in advance because they have to order it from their factory. Here are the specs:

Cupcakes with marshmallow icing
30 pcs = P680

Galleria - 6345488
Shaw - 7276505

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