Monday, February 18, 2008

The twins at Fun Ranch (Frontera Verde)

We finally had the chance to visit the much-talked-about kiddie paradise in Pasig - Fun Ranch in Frontera Verde. It's the colorful area with big inflatables as seen from the Ortigas Ave flyover. The place is small, contrary to what I expected. It's like a mini-park, open air with booths and a few carnival rides for kids. The sun was up, and it was hot! The only air-conditioned areas are the restos and boutique stores. Yeap, it's for kids alright. The place is not ideal for babies, and so after taking a few pictures, we decided to leave.

Vito and Carlos as knights in shining armor. Here seen on a blue horsey horsey.

This is 7-month old Carlos, behind a standee.

Fun Ranch offers kiddie birthday packages. For inquiries, you may call 7266517. Or you may contact the establishments inside Fun Ranch:

Big Red Barn - 7063019
Active Fun - 3965291
Teriyaki Boy - 6375071

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