Sunday, February 17, 2008

Diapers - Cheap or Branded?

We have tried different diaper brands - Prokids Newborn, EQ Dry, EQ Plus, Huggies Dry, Pampers Comfort, and even those unbranded ones found in the palengke.

We started with Prokids Newborn, then moved to Prokids (small size). When the twins got a little bigger, we tried other diaper brands like EQ and Pampers.

The twins consume atleast 12 pads in 24 hours. Since diapers can be costly, I became curious if there are cheap quality diapers out there. I bought a few pieces of unbranded diapers for the twins to use during daytime. The good thing is, they didn't have rashes. However, the pad would leak if we didn't change often. In the end, it was more costly.

I also found out that the unbranded diapers being sold in our palengke are Class A diapers. Here's a tip - if the price is very cheap, chances are it is Class B or C. No problem with that, except that the quality of these diapers is not consistent. You have to check each one to make sure they are not torn or dirty. Since I'm a busy mommie, I do not have the luxury of time to check each pad when buying.

There's also just a small difference in the price of branded and unbranded diapers. Large unbranded diapers usually cost P6 a piece. You can buy Pampers Comfort L12, and each pad would cost P6.58.

I also called diaper depots in the metro, to find out if they sell cheap diapers. They usually give discounts if you buy in bulk. However, some of their products are Class A diapers that do not have the blue core which helps in the absorbency of the pad. Therefore, you change more often. Also, depots are not as accessible as the malls, so add the cost of transpo fee or gas to your budget.

And so, I have learned to buy from our trusted grocery store. It is more convenient, and you are guaranteed of the quality of the diaper. And, in the end, it comes out cheaper.

Right now, the twins are using Huggies because Carlos had rashes with Pampers. Vito naman had rashes with EQ. The Huggies Dry L38 costs P6.89 per pad... that's a good deal for a pad that guarantees my boys no leaks, no rashes. :)

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