Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008

2008 was a roller-coaster ride.

For the twins, there were many firsts - first solid food, first step, first tooth, first out of town trip, first airplane ride, first studio shoot, first haircut, first birthday and first newspaper appearance (Manila Bulletin birthday corner hahaha). The twins had to endure several hospitalizations, and battle wicked illnesses. It made me a stronger and more mature mommy medic.

I learned I can DIY a 1st birthday party, and proved it to be a successful endeavor. Budgeting will still be a challenge, but I can now tell which ones are the needs and which ones are just wants. I discovered bargain shops and discount stores. I have definitely improved my gift-giving powers this year.

I learned to prepare more fancy dishes to the delight of my family. I can now cook for my friends, and the dish is actually edible, hehe. I can now handle the kitchen pressure during reunions with friends and family.

I got promoted, with a job that I actually like doing, plus I have cool team mates and a boss that I can trully say is my mentor.

Keith finally got his DSLR and 29" TV. We have a more understanding relationship now and we rarely fight over petty things. We have grown together in a mature kind of way, and the love and respect for each other is still there.

Also this year, my dad had angioplasty and this moved our family to be closer. My brother got married, and his wife gave birth. I now have my very first pamangkin. During our clan reunions (on both sides), we are all complete, happy and healthy. We also celebrated my dad's 64th bday and my mom's 54th bday and their 31st wedding anniv. We are blessed to be complete as a family during these occasions.

I am closer to God after discovering the 12 colored candles from Loreto. Here are their meanings:

White candle = purity (wish candles)
Red candle = romance or love offerings for families
Blue candle = peace of mind
Green candle = money
Yellow candle = good spirit
Pink candle = health
Orange candle = brightness
Brown candle = good fortune
Peach candle = studies
Violet candle = material wealth
Black candle = conscience

This year, I have discovered The Secret, and I will be forever grateful to my good friend Yas for sharing it with me. :)

As for my Kabuki sisters, there were also trying moments like when Tito Rey and Mami Caring were hospitalized. There were also celebrations like when Ires and Polly gave birth, and when Peen got married (I was even asked to make a speech). We had several potluck get-togethers, and one very memorable Tagaytay trip, with our partners and kids (complete attendance, naks).

I also attended reunions with good old college friends whom I terribly miss - Ana, Jenny, Marvs and Bing. I am happy to see that they have not changed one bit, and the friendship is stronger despite the long distance.

Finally, we moved into a new home, and it proved to be a blessing with the tremendous benefits it gave to our health.

2008 taught me to be a better mom, better wife, better homemaker, better shopper, better friend, better co-worker, ultimately a better person. So, thank you 2008, thank you very much! :)

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