Monday, December 08, 2008

New friends, new words

I'm with a new team now, and this week I made some new friends - 3 Koreans (Michelle, Rose & Aragorn), 2 Thais (Hajie & Kamol) and 2 Chinese (Rick & Jerico).

Did yah know that in Korea, you turn one year old on the day that you are born? Kase they start counting even if you are still inside the tummy. So, if I were born in Korea, 31 na pala ako ngayon yuuuuck! Hahaha.

I learned that the correct pronunciation of "Thai" is /Tai/, unless you are referring to that chicken part most delicious when fried - thigh.

I also learned some new words - "ahn yong hasehyo", "sawadeekah", "ni hao" which means Hello in korea, thai and mandarin.

Oh, this is gonna be exciting! :)

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