Saturday, December 06, 2008

Conti's and Gerry's Grill, Trinoma

It's the first Saturday of December. I met my good old college friends at Trinoma for our christmas get-together. The last time we saw each other was July when our friend Ana came home to visit from the US. I am happy to see them again. :)

Jenny, Aus, Bing & I had merienda 3pm at Conti's. We had 'assorted dips with melba toast' as appetizer. Ang sarap when you combine the artichoke & liver pate dips together, I swear hahaha! I also had tuna sandwich, tiramisu and brewed coffee (plus 1 refill), ang takaw ko grabeh. Bing had frap and mango bravo. Jen had baked macaroni and a cake (forgot which one).

I was on cinderella time and couldnt stay long, Vito is sick with colds and I am mommy medic once again. Kaya lang wala pa si Marvs. Either leave or face his wrath. I texted him - Marvs call me. Upon learning na we ate na his calm, sleepy voice went up a notch - ano! kumaen na kayo?! hehehe e kse ang tagaaal. So anyway, he finally arrived together with his BFF, Migs and said na they want to eat sa ibang resto. Fine.

We transferred to Gerry's Grill, super dami ng tao. When everyone was settled na, Bing and I said our b-byes. She had to leave early din coz she's going back to Tarlac. Of course ayaw nila pumayag, but we promised there is going to be a next time. :)

Thanks Jen for my gift, I'll open it on Christmas day :D

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