Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vito and Carlos at 6 months

They now have the same milk - regular Enfapro Milk Supplement (stage 2), and can consume about 6-8oz per feeding. They eat Cerelac twice a day, about 2 teaspoonfulls per feeding. They are now practicing how to walk, with some help from the walker and yaya. (Note: It is dangerous to leave your baby alone in the walker). They are more attentive now. They reciprocate by smiling or reaching out to you. They laugh when you make funny faces and when you open-close your hand. They giggle when you tickle their neck, armpits, tummy, hands and feet.

Carlos weighs 8.2 kilos (18.04 lbs), but seems much heavier than that when you carry him. I call him "heavy-gat" (as in he-bigat) or sometimes the "heavyweight champ!". He loves to say "ehh.. ehh.. ehh.." before he sleeps at night. I would imitate him, sing and use the "ehh" syllable for the entire song.

It seems that he can already recognize his name. If you say "Caaar..los", he will turn his head to see who is calling. His favorite position now is with his hands clasped together over his chest (as if praying, naks!). If he is not sleepy he will not sleep, no matter how hard you try to put him to sleep. But, when he is tired and sleepy, a few rocking movements will put him to sleep, and he will not wake up no matter how noisy you are. *:P

Carlos is an Explorer. He loves to reach out, roll over to reach or look at something. He is not afraid to get hurt and would roll over to touch something.

Vito weighs 7.4 kilos (16.28 lbs). He smiles easily, laughs and makes babbling sounds. He loves taking a bath, and cries when you take him out of the water. He enjoys toys that makes a sound and lights up. He has upgraded to the stage 2 version of his Pigeon pacifier, which is suitable for weaning babies. (Weaning is the process of introducing solid foods into your baby's diet in order to fulfil their growing nutritional needs.)

During playtime, he can spin, turn and roll over easily because he is magaan. He doesnt sleep in the afternoon and waits for me to come home. His face lights up when I ask him how his day was. I carry, cuddle, feed him for a few minutes and he falls asleep. He can pronounce "ma.. ma.." usually at night when he wants more milk.

Vito is an Observer, and would always look around him. You can leave him on the bed or in the crib and he would just gaze around or look at the crib mobile. When you carry him, he would look to his right, to his left, front and back.

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