Sunday, December 23, 2007

The twins @ night

Night time is something I look forward to everyday because that's the time I get to be with the twins. Bedtime usually starts at 6pm. I wash them off, change their diapers and clothes. I sing to them, cuddle, tell a story, say our prayers (the same every night). I kiss them goodnight and say "I love you Vito", "I love you Carlos".

When they're asleep, I always "siksik" beside Vito or Carlos (alternate every night). I love sleeping beside them... they smell so mabango! :) I can relax and sleep, knowing they're okay.

This is how they usually sleep at night - 3 feet away from each other. It's because Carlos sleep-crawls to his Kuya and sometimes rolls over him.

Even at daytime, we dont sit them close together because they would unknowingly pull, hit and pinch each other. Vito is always excited to play with Carlos... he smiles and flaps his arms, but Carlos would look at his Kuya with his crooked brow and inquisitive eyes, then cry if Vito touches him. Hahaha!

Here's something you don't see everyday... Carlos holding the hand of his Kuya. :)


Mec said...

so love the last pic :)

olive oil said...

yah me too! :) i didnt put their hands together as in when i woke up to check on them, ganyan na sila.. hihihi! :)