Saturday, December 08, 2007

Xmas Party at Ratsky's Morato

This is the one and only Christmas party I attended this year. Because of my many responsibilites now, I am thankful I was able to attend even one. The twins were at my parents' house, while Keith and I attended our respective Christmas parties. Mine was held at Ratsky's in Tomas Morato; His was a Christmas dinner at Conggo Grill, El Pueblo in Ortigas. Traffic was terrible! Waahh..

The real reason for my attendance is the 42" flatscreen TV that was up for grabs. As usual, I didn't win in the raffle, not even the minor prizes. Sheesh! Better luck next year *:P

Already sleepy. Was awake at 3am. It is now 10pm. Keith picked me up, and stayed for a while to make chitchat with his former groupmates. Then, we all went to a nearby bar for more catching up, and to eat some real food. *:P

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