Monday, December 17, 2007

Vito and Carlos at 5 months

They now giggle and make little baby talk. Their laughs are contagious. They love to suck their hands (not thumb). They love playing with their dad who is at home during the day. They now sleep through the night, with one or two feedings.

Vito's latest accessory is the bib because he is always salivating (tulo laway). He can now reach things in his play gym. If you give him something, he will reach it using his left hand. He can sit, and support himself by putting both hands on the bed.. (galing!). We gave him a teether, which he can hold using both hands, but he just licks it.

During bed time, he would make long garbled sounds as if singing himself to sleep. He is actually asking you to sing for him. Once you do, he will stop singing and fall asleep in an instant. :) He sleeps late when I'm not at home, and wakes up when I arrive.. (hihihi!).

Carlos is seen here playing with his lolo papa dong (not in photo). He can now roll over and move about. You cannot leave him unattended on the bed! Sometimes, he rolls over his kuya, but Vito will not mind. I am not surprised. Even inside my tummy, Carlos is the "malikot" one. I had one ultrasound check-up wherein my OB just finished taking the measurements of Vito and when she moved the probe to check on Carlos, he has already changed his position. *:P

During sleep time, he wants to be carried in an up-right position; he no longer likes the cradle position. Poor little Carlos, he seems to be a favorite of the mosquitos and other insects. No matter how much we keep our apartment spotless, there is always a new bite every day. As for his teether, he gets really irritated and throws a tantrum when he cannot tear it apart. So, no teether for him. *:P

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