Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Keith surprised me by taking me to this spa in Wilson, Greenhills. The name is Ahavia Lounge Spa. For the longest time, I've been complaining of shoulder muscle pains - you know, the one that hurts when you're in so much stress? hehehe

Upon entering the spa, you are immediately greeted by the cool breeze of the aircon and the relaxing scent of peppermint oils. What a refreshing relief from the super hot Manila weather!

We tried the Western Blend. My massuese, Rochelle, was petite, but her hands were surprisingly strong. This is the first time I had someone crack my upper back. I was shocked at first, thinking that it was my spine! But, I felt really relaxed immediately after that...

Keith and I shared a couples room. Soft music with nature sounds filled the area, and it completed the whole experience. The massage lasted for an hour. I was also able to try their iced tea and chicken sandwich. Mejo matabang ung sandwich for me, but Keith was quick to say - this is a health-conscious spa, so low sodium. Ahem, ok. Hehe.

Thank you Hunny for this wonderful mother's day treat! :)

Ahavia Lounge Spa is located at 173 Wilson Street cor Barcelona St. Greenhills San Juan, Metro Manila. Call to reserve - 7440343.

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