Thursday, May 06, 2010

Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk

Today, Inah, Mau and I went to have dinner at Brazil Brazil in Metrowalk. Been wanting to eat here for the longest time to try their buffet.

For starters, I had macaroni salad. The pasta was good because it was al dente and chewy. I also love the salad with lettuce and different kinds of dressing. I think I went back to the salad bar for like five times, lol. I also order strawberry daquiri to quench my thirst, lav et. As for the roasted beef, I only tried square-inches of the different parts. For dessert, I think I had a gallon of Big Scoop avocado ice cream. OMG, this is the best!

We were the only people in the resto. Can you tell? Hehehe.

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