Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hunn's Birthday 2010

Keith finally took home the car after 2 weeks. He had sound system installed on it that costs - only God knows how much! Happy Birthday Hunny :)

When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said, "I just want to hear mass". He is not the type who attends mass every Sunday so I welcomed the idea. I called the chapel in Megamall and asked how we could do the Offering. They informed me that there's no need to be scheduled. Anybody can just bring their offering, and line up during Offertory.

Chapel of the Eucharist Lord
SM Megamall Atrium, 5th level

This is my first time to do Offering and I didnt know what to prepare. I thought fruits would be safe. Priests love papaya diba, hehe. So I prepared 2 baskets of fruits - one for me and one for Keith. I wrapped them with yellow cellophane - this is what I see during TV healing mass. Oh I forgot to take a pic!

Anyway, we decided to attend the 5PM mass so that we could have dinner after that. We reached Megamall at 5:15PM. The chapel was jam-packed! Vito didn't want to go inside, he got scared - we think he is claustrophobic (but why?). Poor Vito and his yaya just stayed outside, walking up and down the escalators. Later, Carlos got bored and wanted to go outside as well. After the homily, Carlos went to me and pulled me out and he kept saying "monkey! monkey!". I couldnt understand so I turned to his yaya who told me that Carlos was bugging her to play at Kidz Republic. Ah yun lang ba?? Okay! Hehe. I called Vito's yaya and asked them to follow. I said, "30 minutes lang ha kasi matatapos na yun mass" .

Kidz Republic
SM Megamall, 5th level

30 minutes - P120
1 hour - P170
unlimited - P300
guardian - P70
socks - P25

When I went back to the chapel, I didnt see Keith. Oh no, the Offertory has started. Waaaah! So anupaba, I waited for him na lang. :)

After the mass, Keith and I waited for the bugoys outside Kidz Republic. They still had 11 minutes to play. When they went out, they were jumping and super happy but you can tell they were exhausted when they asked for water. We changed their sweaty shirts and gave them water/milk. They super enjoyed it! They love the slide, the ball pool, tubes, trampoline. I love that everything is covered in foam, and the place is really child-proof.

I told Keith I made reservations at Gotti's. We've never eaten here, but I heard very good feedback from my PIC Mau. Plus, when I checked Munchpunch for the rates, they are affordable.

Keith is a big Mafia fan, so this is the perfect place for his birthday dinner. We ordered The Godfather and Bugsy's Garlic Cheese pizzas.

Moi with The Goodfella Meatballs.

SM Megamall Atrium, 4th level

Happy Birthday Hunny! May you have many, many more birthdays to come! Mwah mwah! :)

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