Sunday, February 14, 2010

So, what did you do on V-Day?

Last Saturday, Keith and I had dinner at my parents' house. It was potbless and we were in-charge of ice cream. We brought vanilla and avocado, which is now becoming a family fave.

After dinner, we met up with Keith's friends at Quattro in Timog. Sinalubong namin ang V-day here. Nkkaloka coz there was a dating game, lol.

On Valentines Sunday, the twins and I heard mass at the chapel; Keith was still asleep. After lunch we went to my in-laws'. Around 6pm, Keith and I made takas, and we went to Serendra. Super dami ng tao hanggang Boni High Street, nkka-lokah! Ikot ikot muna kame, finding a spot that's not crowded. Keith was hesitant to light his yosi which he bought from the waiter in Italianni's for P100 a pack, bwahaha. It was a rip-off, super mahal. And no, it was not blue seal noh. We had dinner at Cupcakes by Sonja. It was my first time here. Walang tao dito coz people usually just take out their goodies. It was masaya, bonding moment.

We also stopped by this mini-concert in the middle of High Street. Papano, Keith is going gaga with all this vroom vroom audio set-up thingie. Being the supportive wife that I am, I agreed to watch and listen. Well, to be honest, I didnt try to analyze the musical chords or what, I just enjoyed the music :)

So that was Valentine's for us. :)

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