Saturday, February 27, 2010


Like I have told yah Keith is going gaga with car audio set-ups, and today we went to Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill to watch the 2009 National Finals of EMMA (European Mobile Media Association). We were joined by RJ and Peen.

We let the boys enjoy the show, afterall Peen and I could not relate. Bwahaha. We decided to have some chikka time, so we went to Mcdo, our all-time fave fastfood chain. I was craving for their crispy fries and hot fudge sundae. Natapos na ang chikka and all, wala pa din text from the boys. 7pm na so we went back, and told them we want to change venue nah puhleeez.

We convoyed to Boni High Street and had dinner at Kabisera.

Keith and Don Vito Corleone

I cannot divulge the chikkas for that night. You just have to ask Peen yourself, hehe *wink!

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