Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boracay ~ Day 1

I wasn't able to sleep, I woke up 4am and ate breakfast. No, I was not excited! Hehehe. Since our last vacation two years ago (honeymoon in Pangloa), Keith and I have been busy with work, the twins and managing the household, so this Boracay trip is really something to be excited about. We left the twins and the yayas with my in-laws, to make sure we get that much needed R and R. Oh, did I mention it's Keith's birthday today? :)

At 6am, we left for the airport. We got to PAL terminal 2 after 30 minutes. We checked-in our baggages and went inside the terminal. Our flight was 8:30am. We bought some coffee at The Tinder Box, and waited- in anticipation, LOL.

Finally, we boarded the plane but waited atleast 15 minutes on the runway, to give way for the other planes. Weather was perfect and you could clearly see the islands below. I had biscuit and tea for snacks. Overall the flight was smooth and touchdown was perfect.

We reached Kalibo at around 10am. We boarded a bus serviced by Southwest Tours. The bus was new and we sat comfortably, looking at the sceneries outside. We reached Caticlan at around 12nn. We boarded an outrigger boat headed for Cagban Port in Boracay island. From there, a service van took us to our hotel. We checked in at Grand Boracay Resort, received our welcome drinks and went to Room 104.

Grand Boracay Resort is located at station 2, and one of their gates lead you to D'Mall, making White Beach very accessible. Since it is non-beachfront, we had the privacy that we wanted. The place was also very peaceful and quiet. Staff were accommodating and hospitable. Just perfect!

So after securing our things, we went to Gasthof (station 2) for lunch. We had baby back ribs, calamari and rice. We were careful not to order tap water bcoz of the water problem in Boracay, so we asked for Sprite and bottled water. Lunch was yum yum yum!

We strolled along White Beach and enjoyed the spectacular view of the ocean. I asked Keith if he wanted to go to the Dead Forest (station 3) to take some pictures. He said "ok, lets give it a try". Since we didnt know where it was, we decided to take a tricycle. When I told the driver where we were headed, he didnt know the place. He hollered to his driver-mate who said "ahhh Bella Flores! sa station 1!". Teka, artista yun diba, hehehe. So we scrapped that idea and went back to the hotel.

At 4pm, we took a stroll along White Beach. The sun was up and it was really really hot! We took a dip at station 3, Angol area, where there were only a handful of people swimming.

At 5pm, we went to the Red Pirates Pub (station 3) for our scheduled 1-hour sunset cruise. There, we met Raymond and Arthur, the coolest paraw sailers in Boracay, who sailed us through White Beach, passing by Manny Pacquio's mansion, Shangrila and Puka Beach. We exceeded 1 hour, but they only charged us P500. I really recommend the Red Pirates for island hopping or sunset cruise. Don't forget to bring some beer, it will make your paraw sailing much more enjoyable! For inquiries, contact Jen at 09152030790.

It was already 6:30pm. We went back to the hotel to change and prepare for dinner. I decided to bring Keith to station 1 for some seafood buffet. On our way there, we passed by Willy's Rock and posed for pictures at the Grotto. We had dinner at Seawind, where their buffet offered oysters, grilled seafood like prawns, tuna, blue marlin, squid. They also have a pasta and dessert bar. OMG, I ate a lot!

Happy Birthday Hunny! :)

On the way back, we stopped by Bamboo Lounge, who had two fire dancers performing for the crowd. We also took a pic by a sandcastle, which I think is a required souvenir shot if you are going to Boracay, hehehe.

After that, we called it a night. :)


Red Pirates said...

Hi Jovie,
Come and visit our Red Pirates page on Facebook. You can add reviews and upload pics if you wish.
See you next time in Boracay. :)


WHuang said...

Ok, Boracay yourself! I left the country without even touching the shores of fine white sands, dang....

grand said...

Hi Jovie,

Do you have a facebook account. You might want to join my our facebook account. Just look for grand boracay. Thanks!!!