Friday, April 01, 2011

Queen Mary Learning Center of Cainta Inc.

Queen Mary Learning Center of Cainta Inc.
1566 Birmingham St. Brookside Hills Subd. Cainta
Contact Person Narissa M. Jaca: 655-2647

Annual: P26,200
Quarterly: P27,200 = P14,000 upon enrollment (1st week Aug, Oct, Dec) P4,400
Books – P3000
Uniform – approx P500 per set

3% discount for early enrollment until end of the April.
Free summer class for two weeks (9am to 11am)

Combination of traditional and progressive teaching technique
9 students last year in Nursery class. 3 Teachers 6 Subjects + 1 class adviser
Aircon room
Discount given to 4th enrolled child

Disclaimer: This info I got by calling the school. Rates applicable during the time of inquiry

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