Friday, April 01, 2011

Greenland Academy, Cainta

Greenland Academy
222 Mayfair St. Monte Vista, Cainta, Rizal

Xerox of birth certificate
2 copies 1x1 colored photo
Play and Learn – P2,300 (May 16-27; 9am-11am) – as preparation for Nursery

Tuition & misc – P24,255 cash (no breakdown yet)

Enrollment – 1st week of May
Aircon; dustless chalk
14 : 1 teacher and 1 asst teacher

Disclaimer: This info I got by calling the school. Rates applicable during the time of inquiry


Roy said...

Thank you! These are really helpful information. We're looking into sending our 5yr old daughter to one of the schools in or located nearby Brookside Cainta. The tuition info and school's #s you provided will really help.

claud S. said...

FACEBOOK Pics(School Activites) Greenland Academy-Private School in Cainta

WEBSITE Greenland Academy-Private School in Cainta