Sunday, November 14, 2010

Down with English Measles

It all started on Sunday- after Trick or Treat at Mega and Miguel's 1st birthday party at Valle Verde. We got home at around 8pm. I felt tired and I had chills. I checked my temp and was surprised to see 38.3 in the thermometer. I never ever get sick, you know. I took paracetamol and called it a night. Monday was Nov 1 so we went to the cemetery. I had on-and-off fever. Tuesday, I went to work and my officemates started to notice rashes on my face. I went to the clinic and the nurse said my temp was normal and that she couldn't see any rash (roll eyes). I went to see a doctor, and she said the same thing as the nurse- I was okay,no fever, no rash. Wednesday, I went to the ER of Medical City. I was getting worried because my fever was not going away. I also noticed many little sores inside my mouth, and suddenly I was sensitive to light, as in nasisilaw akech. My CBC came back as normal, so the doctors sent me home with paracetamol as medicine. As for the rash, they said it could just be bungang araw, okay fine. Thursday, I developed cough and colds. My throat was so painful. I felt I had sores all the way down to my throat. I had no appetite, and I really felt sick. I went to see a different doctor and had another CBC. My platelet count was okay so it was not dengue. After work, I went straight home, I thought I was going to collapse. I asked Keith to take me to the hospital. We went back to Medical City, and the doctors diagnosed me with measles. I had bloodshot eyes, vomiting episodes and LBM. I was confined in one of their isolation rooms and was discharged on Sunday. I was advised not to report to work for a week, and to continue my bedrest at home. We sent the twins and the yayas to my in-laws because measles is contagious. You'd think I was ecstatic to be home alone for a week? Naku, hindi noh! I felt so weak that I was just really in bed 24/7. It was pathetic. It has been a week now, and I am slowly getting my strength back. Yesterday, Keith took me out and brought me my birthday gift (ahihi!), then we watched Unstoppable at Promenade, had dinner at Tender Bob's, then met some friends at Jalapeno in Home Depot. It was so nice to be out of the house again! But I miss the twins terribly. We're picking them up after this Pacquiao-Margarito fight...

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