Saturday, January 02, 2010

Loyola for Tito Chito Uy

Tito Chito died of heart and kidney complications on New Year's Day. He was 61.

Kabuki went to visit him at Loyola Guadalupe, chapel C. We brought snacks and exchanged stories. Ires tried her best to smile, but we all know how deeply saddened she is. She is one strong woman.

Note: before taking this pic, we said, ok no smiles ha!

Following the pamahiin, we cannot go straight home after coming from a wake, so we went to Bugsy's muna in Julia Vargas. We bought some drinks there and ordered pizza from Brooklyn. It was one of the best Kabuki bonding moments! We shared stories that went as far back as college, our crazy professors, and the unforgettable lunch restos we used to frequent. We also planned future gimiks like the pruseshon in Jan and Bora in Sept.

Dong, wish ko lang matuloy, hahaha!

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