Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vito and Carlos' Favorite Toys

Got this tag from Jacque :)


Here are the rules:

Post a photo of your baby with her/his first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy. This will make a good moment when your baby grows up! Lastly, don’t forget to add the link to your website’s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!


Vito and Carlos have lots of toys that will last a lifetime, hahaha! Most of these are gifts from my baby shower, their birth, their baptism and their 1st birthday.

They love the playgym, blocks and balls. They also love to play with non-infant toys like a flashlight and marker. But their hands down favorite is our cellphones :P

I remember, there was a time Vito would poke Carlos as if he was a toy, Haha! :) So I would tell him, "Kuya Vito, This is Carlos.. He is not a toy okay, he's your brother." Hehehe..

Passing this now to Jeremy, Djuan and Joaquin.. What are your favorite toys? :)


Mec said...

kids these days talaga have it good no? lots of toys to play with...and they'd still prefer a cup or piece of wood or string :)


julliefer said...

hi jovie! thanks for the tag. i wasn't able to answer the tag but i just made a post about djuan's fave toys. check it out here >>

have a great day!