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Our Wedding - Supplier Ratings

I am happy to share with you our supplier ratings :) ... [warning: long post]

It has been two weeks since our wedding. We prayed for beautiful weather and God gave it to us. :) All the important people in our lives were there to share our special day. Although we had some trouble/hassle during the wedding preps, everything went well on our wedding day. :)

Church: Christ The King, Greenmeadows (Ms Lily - 6330280)
Rating: 10+

Christ The King was our first choice because of its beautiful altar, and it is close to both our homes. The secretary, Ms Lily, is mabaet and very accomodating. We also learned a lot from our pre-cana seminar. Our ceremony was officiated by Father Thomas. We met him only on the day of our wedding. We started on time, at 3:30PM. I had a closed-door entrance, with my tita dropping white rose petals from the balcony. JJS was singing "The Prayer"... it was super emotional.

I have attended several weddings and ours was really unique. The homily was something different. The priest asked us how we knew that he/she was "the one". We took turns in saying our answers. Very meaningful ung homily nya and most people said na our wedding is unforgettable because of it. Very solemn ung ceremony, and it was special because of the presence of our closest friends and family members. That's what we really wanted.

Reception Venue: The Mango Farm (Mike Santos - 09185377898; 6456993)
Rating: 10+

We had dinner here last Valentine's Day, and we fell in love with the place [and their services]. Mike is super baet, approachable, creative, understanding, caring. He was very supportive of our ideas and did not limit us on the layout we wanted to use. We also had our pre-nup here.

He was very thoughtful when he called Keith on the morning of our wedding and told him that it was drizzling in Antipolo. [He didn't call me coz he knew it will just upset me *:P] He asked him if we wanted to set-up the tents. We observed the weather, and asked the tents to be on stand-by.

Many of our guests found the place enchanting. It has manicured lawns, bricked patios and big mango trees. It has a bridal salon where you can have your retouch. We maximized the place and used the patio w/ the stand-by tents as lobby/smoking area. It's really a perfect garden wedding venue.

Caterer & Bridal Car: Robert Camba Catering Services (Ms. Connie - 09179455107; 4124115)
Rating: 10++

They have exceeded our expectations. Our guests said the food was masarap and nabusog sila [I didn't eat coz my gown was corset-type (masikip), and I was excited *:P] I was also happy that the set-up we requested, including the color-combination of linens, was strictly followed. We also got several freebies from them that surprised me/us :) One of which is Mallory, our emcee. She is really a blessing to us. I met her only a day before the wedding and she did a great job! The program she did was smooth, fun and with taste. Many of our guests admired her, and up to this day I am so thankful to her. The waiters were very maasikaso and they were always "up on their toes". They also gave us signature frame, swan ice carving and butterfly release. :) Our guests thought we hired a coordinator [but we didn't] because according to them, everything was very organized.

Photo/Video: Studio Digital Arts Photography (Mr. Rey Veloira - 09173955047; 7527530-31)
Rating: 10+

We got them when we attended the NBC Bridal Fair. We were working on a budget and they provided very affordable rates, with lots of freebies. :) We are very happy with their services, so far. Rey is down-to-earth, machika, lets you feel at ease. He knows your best angle. Like us, he can be fun. We went to jollibee drive-thru after the wedding ceremony and he took some shots. The jollibee crew were giggling and saying congratulations to us hehehe it was a memorable experience *:P

Our guests loved the photo-AVP that they made. Super cute and very entertaining. We had live-feed and they also showed our pictures at the hotel during the morning preps. They also set up a studio at the bridal salon for those who wished to have their pictures taken. One of my titos wanted to take home our tarpaulin hehehe. SDA is very professional and all our requests have been granted with much satisfaction. :)

Florist & Cake: Freshcut Flowers (Mr. Rey Darroca - 09287710450; 7711088-91)
Rating: 10++

I got Rey from W@W. He made our wedding cake and flowers. I told him my budget was like this lang, and he said "Ok sure no problem :)" I felt he understood my needs as a bride. I gave him the specs and he was able to deliver what I expected and more. On the day of our wedding, I called him and requested a dozen of white roses be sent to Keith's hotel room [my turn to give him flowers. It made his day :)] Our wedding cake was moist chocolate, masarap and perfect with wine toasting.

String Quartet & Sound System: JJS Entertainment (Mr. John Santos - 09185074709; 7766094)
Rating: 2

We got them because of the rave reviews in W@W and John was okay din when we met him. Pero ung actual performance nila was disappointing. We faxed them the songlist pero hindi nasunod. We wanted all-English songs, tapos dun sa ceremony they sang two Tagalog songs. I'm sure hindi naman big deal sa guests coz perfect diction and maganda boses ng singer, impressive pa rin and malinaw ung sound system nila [that's why "2"]. Our first dance song naging instrumental, when we requested it to be sung. We also requested that they record the songs in our wedding. As usual, wala. I texted John abt our frustration, hindi man lang sha nag-reply. I will not recommend JJS to anyone [sori Claudine & Raymart *:P].

HMUA: Ogie Rayel - 09713503463 (hair)/ Angie Cruz - 09163868307 (make-up)
Rating: 10

Ogie was the first to arrive at the hotel. He did my hair in just about 30 mins, ang galing :) He was ma-chika and very maasikaso mula hotel until church. Angie came in next, magaan hands nya and super-project din sha during the pictorials, kkatuwa :) pnaganda nya talaga ako as in everybody commented na I was a "blushing bride". Angie also put light make-up on Keith [grooming of the groom]. They stayed until the end of the wedding ceremony which was a good thing coz hindi naayos ni Keith ung veil ko after the "first kiss as husband and wife", and Ogie was there to fix it.

Hotel: Richmonde Hotel (6387777)
Rating: 10

We used the hotel's staircase for our pictorials. Kahit maingay kameng lahat [laughing and all], hindi kame pinagalitan ng staff hehehe :) Their rooms and baths were clean. Their breakfast buffet was masarap, with many choices. They have very professional and courteous staff. We had no hassle dealing with Richmonde.

Bridal and Ento Gowns: Jun Marcelino (6428152)
Rating: 2

This supplier has been our biggest challenge in our wedding preps. They have been in the business for so long and they are quite established in their area, actually. I have seen their work because they do gowns for Keith's family. First problem, the yellow that we wanted was not the one they used. But eventually, it turned out better in the pictures. My concern was, they should have informed us first before they bought the tela. Second problem, they said the gowns were done na, so we all went for gown-fitting. Yun pala, nakalimutan gawin ung isang gown or nawala ung measurement kaya hindi nagawa ung gown. Hassle talaga coz we have to travel pa all the way to his shop in Taguig. It happened twice. Third, Jun promised a lot of things to me na he'll make like this, like that for me, pero come wedding day, wala naman. Fourth, he told me na he will come to my wedding and help me put on my gown. Hindi sha dumating. Not even a phone call. I had my bridal gown ironed at the hotel and my friends helped me put on my gown. In fairness to Jun, maganda naman ung kinalabasan ng gown ko.

Barongs and Slacks: Onesimus, Megamall (Mr. Henry - 6319871)
Rating: 10

Well, I wanted Keith to wear something special too so we had his barong and slacks custom-made here. We also got the fathers' barongs here.

Bride's Shoes: Cinderella, Glorietta
Rating: 10

It was perfect for the wedding day. Exactly what I wanted: close-toe with strands of diamonds. I said "wedding day" coz after the reception, nasira na ung strands of diamonds hehehe

Groom's Shoes: Traffic, Shangri-La
Rating: 10

Nice ung fit and surprisingly affordable. I think we forgot to remove the price tag on his shoe hehehe *:P kita pa naman yon kapag nka-luhod hehe

Invitations: QP Designs, Megamall (Ms. Bibil - 6338177)
Rating: 10

Our invitations looked elegant, but they were not expensive. I was surprised that it costs cheaper than the ones in Recto and GA Printing. The staff were very efficient and they also delivered early.

Souvenirs: Papemelroti, Megamall (Ms Myra - 6341270)
Rating: 10

We got these memo boxes from Papemelroti which cost P14 each. We inserted our Thank You photocards [courtesy of SDA], and tied yellow and blue ribbons to match our motif.

Souvenirs: Ninong/Ninang [6-pc silk mats and chopsticks set]; Female Entourage [jeweled clips]; Male Entourage [tumbler]
Rating: 10

We bought the chopstick sets and tumblers in 168 Mall, Divisoria. We bought the jeweled clips in St Francis Tiangge. All gifts had personalized notes from us. :)

Wedding Rings: Golden Lady, Megamall (Ms. Dina - 6335531)
Rating: 10

We got these custom-made wedding rings - 14K yellow gold and white gold [matte finish] at 50% off.

Luminaries: Jacque Tan (W@Wie)
Rating: 10+

What can I say? Just look at the pictures :) My ninang said she had goose-bumps when we had our grand entrance. :)

Lechon: Cebu Lechon (Mrs. Genevieve Hing - 09175283874)
Rating: 10

We ordered three days before the wedding and they delivered on time. We had no hassle dealing with them and I heard [again, I wasn't able to eat *:P] the lechon was masarap and malasa inside-out.

DIY: wedding liturgy, matches, offertory candles, gift cards, vicinity maps, sand + votive candles for the luminaries

Honeymoon: Pangloa Island Nature Resort in Bohol - PALakbayan package
Rating: 10++

Super sarap ng seafood nila and ung crispy pata. Perfect sha for honeymooners kse konti tao, tahimik and you can really relax. Nice din ung tours nila. We visited the oldest church, had lunch at the floating resto in Loboc river, visited the tarsiers, the hanging bridge, the man-made rainforest, and the chocolate hills. We are thankful we had that break coz now we are back to our busy selves. :)

Special thanks to our families for helping us in the wedding preps and on the wedding day itself. To our relatives who travelled to Manila to be with us on our special day. To my Kabuki sisters, I know I can always count on you guys! To Keith's LS Bros (perfect attendance). To the W@W community - you've been a great help and a source of inspiration, and super thank you to all our friends who helped us in having the perfect wedding - you know who you are :)

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