Thursday, March 02, 2006

8 Wedding Tipid Tips and Reminders

1. Start your wedding preparations early. You can canvass for great deals, and remember most suppliers increase their rates every year. Keep your contracts.

2. Make a budget list and stick to it. Include incidental costs like transpo and food, and tips to suppliers come wedding day.

3. Choose the months of December or January, since most venues are already decorated for the holidays. Avoid February because cost of flowers is high.

4. Keep your entourage list short. A long list of entourage means more gowns, more flowers, more HMUA.

5. Enlist the help of friends and relatives, instead of a wedding coordinator.

6. Prepare two matchboxes for the candle ceremony. It will look nice in the photos if your sponsors are coordinated when lighting the candle, instead of borrowing from each other.

7. Get a good professional emcee for the reception, who will take-charge of your program and make sure that you are right on schedule.

8. Bring ziploc bags for left-overs after the reception.

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