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The Twins - Monthly Pictures


My LO (left ovary) displays two amniotic sacs. This was taken when I was 1 month preggy with the twins. On my 4th month, we found out we are having boys.


On my 34th week, I gave birth to healthy fraternal twin boys. Vito is 4.9lbs, while Carlos is 4lbs. This is their first picture together, after coming home from NICU. They are 1 week old. They consume 1 and a half oz of breastmilk/formula per feeding. Vito drinks lacto-free; Carlo drinks regular formula.


Vito gets startled with the sound of a motorcycle. Carlos gets startled with the sound of his loud "utot". Hehe! They now consume 2oz of breastmilk/formula per feeding. Burping is a requirement after each feeding. Otherwise, they will throw up!


Vito sleeps on his tummy; Carlos on his back. They can now make eye-to-eye contact. They are entertained by their crib mobile. They still consume 2oz of breastmilk/formula per feeding. They wake up every two hours to eat. Carlos cries the loudest when his milk is "bitin".


They are now Roman Catholics. They consume 4oz of formula per feeding. We play nursery rhymes at night (via DVD) to put them to sleep.


They now smile more often, compared to previous months. They are responsive when called or tickled. Vito can hold his little bottle using two hands. Carlos can stand with support (tight knees). They now consume 4-6oz of formula per feeding. Feedings at night is down to only one or two because they are usually asleep.


They now giggle and make little baby talk. Their laughs are contagious. They love to suck their hands (not thumb). They now sleep through the night, with one or two feedings.

Vito is always salivating (tulo laway). He can now reach things in his play gym. If you give him something, he will reach it using his LEFT hand. He can sit, and support himself by putting both hands on the bed.. (galing!). We gave him a teether, which he can hold using both hands, but he just licks it. During bed time, he would make long garbled sounds as if singing himself to sleep. He is actually asking you to sing for him. Once you do, he will stop singing and fall asleep in an instant. :) He sleeps late when I'm not at home, and wakes up when I arrive.. (hihihi!).

Carlos can now roll over and move about. You cannot leave him unattended on the bed! Sometimes, he rolls over his kuya, but Vito will not mind. During sleep time, he wants to be carried in an up-right position; he no longer likes the cradle position. Poor little Carlos, he seems to be a favorite of the mosquitos and other insects. No matter how much we keep our apartment spotless, there is always a new bite every day. As for his teether, he gets really irritated and throws a tantrum when he cannot tear it apart. So, no teether for him. *:P


This is the month of milestones. During this time, they learned to pronounce "ma..ma", "ta..tei", they started to roll and move about (you cannot leave them unattended anymore), they started to walk using a walker, and started eating solid food.

They now have the same milk - regular Enfapro Milk Supplement (stage 2), and can consume about 6-8oz per feeding. They eat Cerelac twice a day, which started with 2 teaspoonfulls per feeding. Now, they can comsume 10 teaspoonfulls per feeding!

Carlos weighs 8.2 kilos (18.04 lbs), but seems much heavier than that when you carry him. I call him "heavy-gat" (as in he-bigat) or sometimes the "heavyweight champ!". If you say "Caaar..los", he will turn his head to see who is calling. His favorite position now is with his hands clasped together over his chest (as if praying, naks!). Carlos is an Explorer. He loves to reach out, roll over to reach or look at something. He is not afraid to get hurt and would roll over to touch something. He hates the veggie line of Cerelac (He vomits and poops).

Vito weighs 7.4 kilos (16.28 lbs). He smiles easily, laughs and makes babbling sounds. He loves taking a bath, and cries when you take him out of the water. He enjoys toys that makes a sound and lights up. He has upgraded to the stage 2 version of his Pigeon pacifier, which is suitable for weaning babies. He will look at you when you call him "Kuya.. or Kuya Vito". He is still constipated, and drinks Karo with water to help him poop. Vito is an Observer, and would always look around him. When you carry him, he would look to his right, to his left, front and back.


Our favorite word right now is "No.. no.. no". When they are together, Carlos would pull the pacifier from his kuya's mouth, just to tease him. They have different Cerelac flavors - Rice & Soya for Vito and Wheat, Banana & Milk for Carlos (he poops if not).

Vito is fast to glide on his walker and would immediately pull the plastic containers on the kitchen cabinet and they would fall on the floor. He loves doing this. He now attempts to stand up, and would cry if you will not help him stand up. His favorites shows are JoJo's Circus, Higglytown Heroes, Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Rolie Polie Olie. He is very playful (a.k.a. malikot), and loves to be tickled on his tummy and neck. He is now 7.9kilos.

Carlos loves to play with his toys - the abacus and the colorful balls. He is very madaldal now and loves to make baby talk. Even while eating and drinking from his cup, he mumbles. Hahaha. He is very heavy now. He would reach for you if you reach out your hands to him. He is awake at day and sleeps straight through the night. He sleeps well if the aircon is on. He hates the blanket (like his dad). If you put a blanket on him while he is asleep, he would kick it and move away from it. He is now 9.5kilos.


As seen in the photo, the twins can now sit on their own. Aside from Enfapro and Cerelac, fruits are now part of their diet. Banana for Carlos, and Papaya for Vito (coz he's constipated). Vito loves to watch his favorite cartoons, while Carlos enjoys watching balita. They are both madaldal and hyper at play. They love to play with the remote control, our cellphones, PSP or any electronic device.


Carlos has four teeth (two up, two down). He is now 9.8 kilos. He has grown thick hair and we comb it on one side and he looks like our National Hero, Gat Jose Rizal hehehe :P He is still very behaved, with simple wants in life. He loves crumpling paper or plastic candy wrappers. He enjoys eating sweet mango and papaya. He still gets choked drinking water. He sleeps well in an airconditioned room; still hates the blanket; still cries the loudest when his milk is bitin.

Vito has no tooth, but munches bread and oranges as if he has a complete set of teeth. He weighs in at 8.5 kilos. He is very very energetic, very bungisngis at times, and shrieks when tickled in the armpits. He puts everything in his mouth and so his yaya watches him closely. He is still very attached to his pacifier. He enjoys watching the cartoons in Playhouse Disney Channel especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Higgly Town Heroes. (Carlos is a convert and now watches these shows too hehe)


The twins love to play inside their inflatable swimming pool filled with colorful balls. We just put them here every afternoon to keep them entertained. They can stand against the wall. It's just a matter of weeks now til they make their first step. I guess we should dispose the walkers, so they will learn to walk on their own.

Carlos loves to eat pandesal, avocado, oatmeal and peaches. He loves nilagang baka, too. He has two additional teeth coming out, making his teeth six in all. He is asthmatic and gets cough & colds from time to time.

Vito loves to eat anything and everything! He is very affectionate and now knows how to kiss. He leans over to kiss me, his toys and Carlos (who quickly shoos him away). He is quick to learn the things you teach him; he is quick to imitate.

They have stranger anxiety and are masungit infront of new people. But later on they will lean over you to make pabuhat. They are more bungisngis now and a delight to be with!


The twins luuuv to eat taho and pandesal. They love to climb, crawl, reach things and open cabinet doors.

Vito's tricks include doing the rolling R, sticking out his tongue, doing the mcdo sign with his hands over his head, doing close-open and waving his hand to say ba-bye. He would slowly sit on the floor, if you stand him against the wall. He has mastered the art of crying a certain way (paawa effect) so you will be obliged to carry him.

Carlos' tricks include standing up against the wall, doing the kiss sound and doing close-open to say ba-bye. He loves avocado, peaches and Nestle yogurt fruit selection. During sleep time, dont pretend to be asleep because he will slap you in the face, put his finger inside your nose and poke you in the eyes to "wake" you up. Haha!

1 YEAR OLD! :)

The twins have turned a year old and much have changed in the last 11 months. In terms of looks, they are now sporting semikal hairdos. They are more "talkative" and would sometimes shreak to get your attention. They are intelligent coz they pick-up tricks easily. Although they have not started to walk yet, they can now stand up and sit down without support, and they try to make little steps, too. They love to browse through picture books and photo albums. They dance when their favorite cartoon songs come out on TV. As early as now, we teach them how to share and we recite a prayer with them during bedtime.

Vito weighs 9.5 kilos, and loves to eat Marie biscuits. You will be amazed with his antics, which include "align", "clap", "apir" and "where is the nose?". He crawls as fast as Schumacher. He has learned to cry without tears (drama) just to get your attention, hehe. Kuya Vito finally has teeth! :) Two big pearly whites sprouted on his upper gums when he was two weeks shy of his 1st birthday. He is still very energetic, very bungisngis and would sometimes bite you if he makes gigil. :)

Carlos weighs 11 kilos. He is picky with food and prefers the more expensive kind like yogurt, avocado and peaches in light syrup. He likes it when you feed him ulam from your hand.. pinoy na pinoy, hehe! He has also learned new tricks like "align", "clap", "apir" and "where is the nose?" He is very behaved and smiles a lot :)

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