Saturday, February 14, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Today is Vday, Valentine's Day. Keith invited me to watch Underworld. Mejo hesitant si ako kse hindi na si Kate Bekinsale ang bida. Kaya lng, the other day I saw the making and I got intrigued, so I said yes. Punta kame Galleria, and shopped muna kse maaga pa kame sa movie. I bought him leather shoes as Vday gift. We dined at Sushiya, my fave Jap fastfood store. Tapos, we watched na at cinema 3.

For Vday, wala mashadong tao sa mall. Ok nga kse I really hate crowded places, hehe. Birthday din ng lola ko today (my dad's mom). Happy Birthday Lola Tina! :)

Maganda the movie.. kahawig naman ni Rhona Mitra si Kate Bekinsale so ok na din :) Sakto din ang story sa Valentine's Day kse forbidden love ito, hahaha. Yes I would recommend it, esp to Underworld fans. :)

Happy Hearts Day everyone! :)

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