Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vito and Carlos at 4 months

A happy kuya Vito is seen in this photo. At four months and 3 weeks, he is now 6.2 kilos (13.64lbs). Gone are the days when he gets startled with the sound of a motorcycle. He is now more receptive when called or tickled. He sings and laughs and sometimes, screams. During feedings, he can hold his bottle using two hands. His favorite sleeping position is on his tummy, with a pacifier. His favorite channel is Playhouse Disney Channel. His favorite expression is "a-ca-ca!". Say that with a nodding head, and it will surely bring a smile on his face. Cry factors: when hungry, when sleepy

The ever-inquisitive Carlos is seen in this photo. At four months and 3 weeks, he is now 7.4 kilos (16.28lbs). He still screams when his milk is "bitin". He can inch his way on his tummy to reach his feeding bottle. He is now more receptive than previous months. He smiles and giggles. He can stand with support, (tight knees already). He loves his crib mobiles and these toys help him to sleep. He can now sleep through the night, whew! :) Guaranteed smile factor is the word "ohhh-kei!" being said with a nodding head. His ultimate cry factors are: when hungry, when bored, when ignored

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