Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

It's finally time to say goodbye to 2010. I was sooo busy juggling work and household duties the entire year that some important family events were celebrated with very little preparation, like the twins' 3rd birthday and Keith's birthday. Babawi ako next year, pramis!

There were several plans that unfortunately didn't materialize: new home and new 2nd home. Oh well, it's those things that makes you stronger and wiser.

I got this laptop. Got a digicam. I was assigned to a new LOB with more direct reports. I signed up for a new account in a social networking site.. said goodbye to our Tanay farm.. said hello to a gray fortuner. Other than those things, everything's the same - same suking tindahan.. same grocery.. same doctors.. luckily, the same yayas.. same favorite mall and bars.. and same old cellphone, mwehehe.

What's good about 2010 is that the family had very few hospital confinements as compared to previous years. And of course the highlight of my 2010, and probably one of my most unforgettable experiences, is our impromptu roadtrip to Ilocos - to see the Pagudpod beach, Bangui windmills and Vigan cathedral. During that trip I realized that the Philippines is really beautiful. We have everything here - from the bright city lights of Ortigas to the pristine white beaches of Boracay and Palawan.. to the cool breeze of Baguio and Tanay.. to the natural wonder that is Chocolate Hills and man-made wonder Banaue Rice Terraces.

For 2011, I fervently pray for a prosperous year with hopefully no more disappointments. I pray for good health for me and all my loved ones. Let my heart's desires be fulfilled this coming new year! Amen.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Xmas Shopping

Every year, I try to beat my previous year's gifts in terms of value and cost. I think for this year I overspent bwahaha

I am always on the lookout for good quality items at low cost. Since I was busy with work, I didn't have the time to xmas shop. I decided to order online. I got Victoria Secret body spray from an online seller who sold it the cheapest. Later, I learned that 168 sells the same for less than P10/bottle.

I got a chance to go to Divi- only one time this year. I went to
Anding's to get the inaanak toys (around P100 each), and 168 for over 80pcs of trinkets as little gifts (around P7 each).

For the family members, I got them shirts from Folded and Hung warehouse store in Riverbanks (around P350 each). I also got RL polo shirts from Greenhills tiangge at P350 each.

For the twins, I got them a pair of Chuck Taylors during the Converse warehouse sale (P1,400 each). We also got them Lego (regular and Duplo) at 50% off from the Megamall sale (around P900 each).

I got two pairs of shoes from Greenhills tiangge at P290 each. To which I was told by a reliable source that it was also being sold at Pasig Palengke 3rd flr at P250 each. har har har.

I got corningware microwable ceramic dishes at less than P100 each in Makro. I have confirmed with my own eyes and wallet that Puregold sells milk the cheapest. We also got the wines from Puregold.

So that's xmas shopping for 2010. Hopefully, I will have more great finds next year :)

Happy Holidays everyone! :)