Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at Bahay ni Maria

Keith and his friends organized a charity event this year. They chose Bahay ni Maria in Makati. This is my very first charity event. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas at Jalapeño

Merry Christmas! Here we are with Strike Team at Jalapeño Julia Vargas. Masarap the food, and I loved the lemonade!

We had exchange gift, and we got a starter set with bowls from Les. This will be useful in the kitchen and for our get-togethers, thanks! :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Divisoria 2009

This Christmas season, I think I went to Divi for like six times, oh my god I cant believe it! I go to Divi to buy gifts for officemates, friends, inaanaks, aunts, cousins, and helpers.

I started xmas shopping in November, but later realized that the items being sold are old stocks from last year. I recognize the wood items and other stuff I bought the past year, hehe. So anyway, here are my top 10 Divi xmas shopping tips:

1. Make a list. Indicate the age and gender. I failed to do this this year, and I regret it. Pramis it will help you save if you buy in bulk.
2. For christmas decors, buy them in November. I frequent this stall along the street near Divi Mall. They are beside the stuff toys area. I got a plain wreath for P40.
3. For christmas gifts, I suppose its better if it was just a one-day shopping event. Take a leave around 2nd week of December, preferably a Monday. Start shopping at 8AM. Park car in Tutuban.
4. Get one of those sako bags, so you have everything in just one bag.
5. Cheapest items are found in Divisoria Mall.
6. Nice items not found in Divi Mall can be found in Meisic Mall.
7. I found great buys sa streets like big mugs at 6pcs for P50, Nike cap with tag for P50, black vest for P150, leggings for P80 each. Some vendors come out around 4pm, but some have pwesto.
8. Buy gift wrappers in bulk. There is this store between Meisic and Divi mall that sells them in bulk.
9. Bring alcohol or wet ones. You will need it, hehe.
10. Not everything in Divi is cheap. I was trying to find this class A rubber shoes. I ended up buying it in Greenhills because it is cheaper there and the craftsmanship is nice. Class A Lacoste shirts are also sold cheaper in Greenhills than Divi.

Every year, I get wiser and wiser in terms of shopping for christmas, and eye laaav et!! :)