Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Just want to make a quick shout-out that I am alive and well!! And here’s hoping that all of you are doing fine.

During the typhoon, we had poor cellphone signal, poor water, no electricity, no telephone, no internet, no nothing. At night, we couldn’t sleep, bcoz the twins were sweating to death despite our best efforts to fan them. Flood water was thigh-deep outside our apartment. And because we were beside a creek, we were praying real hard that the wall will protect us from the raging waters. And it did. Just past midnight on Saturday, we heard a crash. In the morning, we discovered that the wall collapsed just a few houses away from us.. thick mud and big rocks were everywhere, about three houses were severely damaged.

On Monday, Keith decided we needed to evacuate. All hotels were booked, except Lancaster Hotel in Shaw. Mau, Moxi and the yayas were with us so we booked a 2-bedroom loft-type suite with kitchen (utensils, pots included), a dining area, living room and laundry area. It was a good refuge to us typhoon-victims. Buying grocery from Megamall was a nightmare. The lines were crazy long! I overheard Sta Lucia was closed so people were doing their shopping in Mega.

Ondoy will never be forgotten. He has taken so many lives in Rizal. In fact, in De Castro Pasig, where we usually lived, the houses were submerged in flood water. I am so grateful that we have moved to Brookside and I am truly blessed that my entire family is safe. We were fortunate that flood was only in our street. Mom's house was not as lucky. Flood water was waist-deep on the first floor and all cars were submerged in water. My dad was rushed to the hospital on Sunday night because of cold sweating, tummy ache and headache. He was discharged today and is perfectly okay. Na-stress lang, hehe!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lancaster Hotel, Shaw

Lancaster Hotel is nice.

I didn't know the De Luxe Suite we checked into was loft-type. I was a little hesitant because we had three toddlers with us and the last thing we needed was a child falling from the stairs. But all other hotels are fully booked, so mag reklamo pa ba? The swimming pool was at the top of the building, and it was an open area, so that's definitely a no-no for the kids. I had strict orders for the yayas to be 200% careful.

Here we are, reading bedtime stories. This we cannot do at home because of brownout.

The staff were accommodating, but service was slow. I had to call them five times to send the additional pillows. There was only one TV and it was in the living room. No TVs in the bedroom. Over-all, the hotel was okay. We needed electricity, water and shelter, and we got it from Lancaster.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What's with the tongue??

"Smile" for the camera is this: