Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baptism Reception

This tarpauline is free from our package with Dencio's. I gave them a CD of the twins' pictures and said na sila na ang bahala to choose the picture. Funny lang coz the picture they got for Carlos is nka-hiwi ang mouth hehe

While the guests ate, Kuya Vito was sleeping.

Here is Carlos, who just woke up and nag iinat pa :P

As a parent, I hope they become good children of God. :)

Baptism - Supplier Ratings

Since the birth of the twins, we've been busy 24 x 7. One day, we decided na to have the twins baptized coz they're growing up so fast. The binyag was biglaan lang, and we didnt have enough time to prepare. Nevertheless, we were able to pull it through, with a little help from our family and friends. Here's my supplier ratings:

Church: Sanctuario De San Jose [East Greenhills]
Rating: 10

We had no hassle with the church. Our transaction with them went smoothly. We just paid the reservation for a special baptism, and everything was set. We were told to bring the twins and their candles. That's all we needed to prepare.

The baptism ceremony started on time. We were told that only the ninongs/ninangs should be present in the baptistry. But of course, we didnt follow that coz many of our guests went to the church. Ayun, hindi kame kinaya ng aircon hehehe Mainit, kaya we had to remove the shoes and polo of the twins coz they were getting irritated na with their outfits.

Reception: Dencio's [Connecticut St.]
Rating: 10

This is conveniently located a few meters away from the church, as in walking-distance lang. We had the 2nd floor exclusive to our 120 guests. Our buffet menu included chopsuey, kare-kare, chicken barbeque, tiyan ng bangus, sisig, rice and iced tea. Included in the package is a free tarpauline. We submitted the twins' picture a few days before the event. Again, smooth transaction with the restaurant. No problem whatsoever.

Invitations: Fax & Parcel [Megamall]
Rating: 9

You can order personalized invites and get them the same day. Ain't that cool?! I ordered 25 pcs and got them the following day coz they couldn't find the layout that I wanted and they had to get it pa from their MOA branch. It was okay as I was not in a hurry. I was very satisfied with the result. Our invites looked cute, if not perfect :)

Baptism Registry: Baby & Co. [Podium]
Rating: 10

Their items are nice, made with good quality and are reasonably-priced. The staff are helpful and accommodating. We had the twins listed at their registry, and got several discount coupons.

Outfit: Polo and Shorts Set [Greenhills]
Rating: 10

We went to the baptism outfit section of different malls, but couldn't find a polo and shorts set that would fit our 3-month old twins. All they had were barong-type or those jusi/pina long gowns. And so, we went to Greenhills and sure enough we found what we were looking for. :)

Shoes: Enfant [Market Market]
Rating: 10

The corduroy dark blue shoes were a perfect match to the twins' outfits.

DIY: Candles and Ribbons
Rating: 10

I bought sperma candles from SM Mega home section and the blue/green satin ribbons from National Bookstore.

Cake: Gift from ninangs (Kabuki sisters)
Rating: 10

They brought two round cakes (one green, one blue) with Baby Pooh topper. We had it served sa guests as dessert. It was yummy and you bet, naubos agad! :)

Photographer/Videographer: Ninongs (my brothers)
Rating: 10

Okay, for the effort my rating is 10 Hehehe...

Thank you to our families and friends who helped us in the preps and on the baptism day itself. Special thanks to our relatives who attended the baptism of our twins. And of course thank you to the ninongs/ninangs for the gifts. We had our living room full - it felt like Christmas! :)

The day the twins were baptized

We arranged a special baptism for our twins this morning. They are three months old. :)

It was solemnized at Sanctuario de San Jose (Duke St. cor Buffalo St., East Greenhills). All our closest families and friends were there to witness the event. :)

This is Vito being baptized by Father Allen:

This is Carlos being baptized by Father Allen:

With their uncles, Jeo and Bogs, as the official photographers (in the background) *:P

Half-way through the ceremony, the twins started to get irritable because it was getting warm. The aircon wasn't enough for all of us. We had to remove their polo, shoes and socks. So much for the grown-up attire. *:P

Vito with his godparents - Ninangs Irene Pajaro w/ husband Vicents, Lhanie Alpay, Carmina Landrito and Mian Rigor; Ninongs Justin Abraham, Mike Panela, Edwin Concepcion, Mark Alano, Paolo ViƱas and Vic Silvestre. (Not in picture: Ninang Yasmin Yusay; Ninongs Jj Layo and Marvin Millan)

Carlos with his godparents - Ninangs Erika Almalbis, Michelle Lotho, Donna Cortez, Gypsy Rigor and Melody Silvestre; Ninongs Jeo Abraham, Rommel Panganiban (Not in picture - Ninangs Laureen Jacinto and Polly Chiuco; Ninongs Donald Labao, Anteng Gudao, Dan Okol and Mein Bernabe)

Photo op with their Gg (a.k.a. Gorgeous Grandma *:P).

Finally, Vito and Carlos are now Catholics. :)

Lunch immediately followed at the 2nd flr of Dencio's Bar & Grill in Connecticut St. Here's a picture with my Kabuki sisters, all Ninangs of course. ;)

More baptism photos here:

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The day before the baptism

A day before the baptism, we went shopping for the perfect polo and shorts for the twins. We didn't want the usual baptism attire, so we got this blue checkered polo w/ matching white shorts. We also bought dark blue corduroy shoes from Enfant.

I made sure we had candles for the ceremony, so we bought 50 sperma candles and tied blue and green ribbons for Vito and Carlos, respectively.

A quick order from Fax & Parcel (Megamall branch) produced these cute invitations, white envelope included.

We also inserted a vicinity map printed on special paper. The twins are registered at Baby & Co. (Podium/Rockwell branches).